3B Productions
Golden State Warriors
World Balloon Convention
Cal State East Bay Fund Raiser Awareness
UCSC Founders Day 50th Anniversary
City Year at Levi's Stadium
Electric Bounce House - SAP Center
Sharks Opener 2013
Sabercats Opener 2013
Elation Roadshow - 2012
Levi Plaza - 2012
Strikeforce Expo 2012
Strikeforce Retrospective
Blazers Kabuki Drop - 2011
Trail Blazers Opener 2010
CO2 Jets
Strikeforce Promo
SJHP 2009 Confetti Promo
LED Sticks
Fog Screen Demo
Emirates Time Lapse 2008
Fog Screen Demo
De Silva Gates Christmas Party
Hillsong at Jubilee Time Lapse 2008
Church of Christ Time Lapse
3B Promo Video 1
3B Promo Video 2
3B Promo Video 3
3B Promo Video 4
3B Promo Video 5
3B Promo Video 6
Vietshow Video
Barb and Carol
Papa Doo Run Run
BMW X3 Launch in Atlanta
San Jose Holiday Parade
Sabercats Championship 2007
Santa Clara Fair 2007
Ambrosia Promo
Destanee Gardening


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LED Sticks
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